The Inn at Christmas Place Security Information

All personal and credit card information is transferred by secure servers, with 128 bit encryption to protect your information!

Why is lock icon not showing at the bottom of the page if the order page is secure?

The SSL lock icon may not appear at the bottom of the page due to the "frames" on our site. The way frames work on our site, you are actually viewing 2 different web pages at one time. The outside frame with our The Inn at Christmas Place logo and navigation menu, and the secure reservation page. The lock icon does not show because the outside frame does not change to the https secure server, only the reservation page. Your personal information is safely transported through the secure page.

How can I verify that a web page is secure?

There is an easy way to tell if a given web page is secure or not using Internet Explorer.
Once you are on the page where your credit card information has to be entered....

1) Right click on the reservation page

2) Click on "properties" a properties box like this will open.

3) In the properties box look at the connection: it should read something like this "TLS 1.0, RC4 with 128 bit encryption (High " be sure it says "SSL or TLS"

4) Look also at the address: The URL for secure servers always start with "https" a non secure page starts with "http".

Please note that most websites only switch to the SSL when you get to the order page.