Practicing Responsible Environmental Stewardship at The Inn at Christmas Place

     The investors, management, and staff of The Inn at Christmas Place are committed to ongoing responsible environmental stewardship and to promoting the practices of sustainable tourism in Tennessee. We are very proud to have been recognized by the Department of Environment and Conservation with an Honorable Mention for "Building Green" in the 2008 Tennessee Governor's Environmental Stewardship Awards.

     When designing The Inn at Christmas Place, particular emphasis was given to water management and conservation, energy efficiency, and incorporating systems to reduce waste and chemical usage. Outlined below are the systems and procedures for conservation that are already in place at the Inn. We continually seek additional opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment. Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions to help us further these practices.

leafStorm Water Detention and Management

An innovative system for storm water detention was incorporated into a beautifully landscaped water feature that includes waterfalls and an aquatic pond. This pond pre-filters sediments and oils, and retains runoff from both an adjacent new city road and the majority of the surrounding parking lot areas of the Inn. The landscaped water feature manages up to 31 cubic feet per second of storm water drainage in an environmentally responsible way, while also providing a beautiful water feature for the Inn's guests.

A system of pipes and filters removes sediments (up to 80%) and oils and greases (up to 60%) during the first flush phase of water entry. Storm water then flows into a detention basin with water plants that retain additional oils before flowing into the main retention pond. Overflow eventually feeds into the city drain, but at a greatly decreased flow rate and improved water quality. This storm water filtration system is the first implementation of its type for a commercial development in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

leafEnergy Efficiency

All indoor light bulbs are fluorescent in both public spaces and guest rooms. Low-energy LED lights are used on all exterior trees during the Christmas season.

Guest room, office, and meeting space thermostats are managed by InnComm International's e4 Digital Smart Thermostat Control system that recognizes and controls temperature ranges for occupied vs. unoccupied rooms, thus lowering energy consumption.

Our commercial laundry washing machines incorporate the Aqua Wing Ozone Generator, allowing the use of cold water and less bleach to wash linens. The Chicago Laser Line Flatwork Ironer eliminates the drying cycle for linens. These systems measurably reduce energy use per sheet washed.

leafReducing Waste

Disposables are minimized through the use of china plates, mugs, glasses, and real silverware in all food and beverage preparation and service. Glasses are provided in guest rooms.

Signs in all guest rooms encourage reuse of towels and linens when staying for more than one night.

recycle logo

All cardboard is accumulated and recycled locally.

leafReducing Chemical Usage and Improving Indoor Air Quality

Green Seal-certified toilet tissue and hand towels (BayWest) are provided in all public restrooms and guest rooms. All cleaning products are Green Seal-certified (Ecolab) as well.

The indoor pool utilizes a saltwater filtration system, dramatically reducing the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize the water.

DensArmour mold-resistant sheetrock was used for all installations throughout the building, ensuring indoor air quality by virtually eliminating the possibility of mold contamination.

This is a smoke-free property. Smoking is not allowed in any guest rooms, common areas, offices or back room areas.

     We know that you have a choice among hotels in the area. You can be confident that, in selecting The Inn at Christmas Place, you have made a sound, responsible choice for the Tennessee environment ~ as well as the best choice for your travel enjoyment.